Friday, November 20, 2015

♥ The Wedding Gown ♥

It is truly incredible how much love one person can give and feel
Through God, He transpires this gift to us which indeed is real

A wedding is not just a beautiful bride wearing her white gown
It symbols our eternity, His bride, awaiting our kingdom and crown

And just like the ease of walking down the aisle to our groom
Our path to heaven is so simple; just believe that Jesus arose from His Tomb

He suffered and bled so that we could all be free
An act of love that only believers can see

Once we recognize this great love that is given to us all
We can hold on to our Groom’s hand and we will never fall

Together we will conquer all obstacles that come our way
By putting our faith in Him, and living life day by day

~ Eleena Iisakka ~

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