Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Unique Rose

There was a very rich young woman, who had it all:
a home,
a wonderful husband,
beautiful children,
a job that gave her a lot economic well-being,
a close-knit family.
The strange thing is that she failed to reconcile all that, the work and chores occupied her all the time and her life was always deficient in something. The work consumed her time, she forgot her children; if she had problems she left aside the husband... And so, people she loved were always left for later.
  Until one day, her father, a wise man, gave her a gift:
rare flower, which only had a copy in the world. And then he said: daughter, this flower is going to help a lot, more than what now you imagine! You will only have to water it and prune it occasionally and, sometimes, talk a bit with it; and she will give you back that wonderful perfume. The young woman was very excited, after all, the flower was a beauty like no other. But time was passing, problems arose, Labor consuming all her time, and a scented house.  Until one day, no more no less, flower died. She came home and took a fright! The flower was completely dead, its root were dry, fallen flowers and yellow leaves. The young woman cried much, and told her father what had happened.  
Her father then answered:
I already imagined that would happen, and I can not give another flower, because there is no other like that flower, she was unique, just like your kids, your husband, your family, your friends. All are blessings that the Lord gave you,  but you were suppose to learn to irrigate them, prune them and give them attention, as same as the flower, feelings also die. You get used to see the flower always there, always perfumed and you forgot to take care of it. 

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